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Basic Knowledge of Centrifugal Separation

From Stokes’ law to centrifugal force and from continuous operation to differential bowl and scroll speeds, you’ll learn how simple a simple settling pond is progressed to high-efficiency separation with centrifuge technology.

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Basic Knowledge of a Separator

Learn how to a disk stack separator maximizes surface area in separation and amplifies g forces. This course takes an up-close look inside these vertically-oriented machines designed for clarifying and separating liquids and fine particles.

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Basic Knowledge of 3-phase Separation

Ever wonder how a three-phase centrifuge, like the Flottweg Tricanter, can separate solids from two different liquid phases without allowing them to remix? Learn about all the special features that go into three-phase decanters and separators.

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Flottweg Products at a Glance

This course explains the features and applications of the different separation technologies in the Flottweg product line including several types of decanters, separators, and the belt press. Learn how each operates and what it’s best suited to accomplish.

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